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Business IT Support

Do you have a business that relies on IT equipment within its day to day running?

Would it be a disaster if a major piece of your IT hardware failed for more than a day?

Then this is for you! Please read on to find our solution to your IT problems......

I think that all businesses are very aware of how important their IT systems are to them in the day to day running of their business and how much of an effect it can have on their business when something fails.

Sometimes this can mean loss of income and of course loss of contact with customers and suppliers now that most if not all businesses use electronic communications such as e-mail.

It's amazing however that most businesses have no plan in place should a fault occur with their IT equipment, especially as it forms such a vital part of their businesses operation, its existence in some cases.

Most just say "We'll call someone in if it happens". Well, that's fine if you can be without your equipment working for a few days as it's very rare to be able to get an engineer to visit same day, at least not without spending hundreds of pounds on priority call costs.

That's why for the past 9 years @Work Computers has been offering its customers maintenance agreements so you can rest assured that if something does fail you'll have the backup and assistance you need, fast.

Of course, there is always an element of downtime when equipment fails and it's our aim to keep this unavoidable downtime to an absolute minimum whilst offering a service that is reliable and cost effective for any business environment, regardless of how many computers you have.

Our service covers all failures and includes all parts and labour costs, and on top of that guarantees an engineers visit within hours, and all of this is available from only £728 plus VAT per year!*

So, why not contact us to arrange a free, no obligation visit from one of our dedicated staff who will be able to give you solid, unbiased advice on your needs and provide a quotation for the support your business truly needs.